​Heart disease is a lifelong condition for most patients. Besides grappling with health conditions, some patients struggle with financial and employability issues. 

To combat heart disease, there is an urgent need for us to strive for better heart health by staying active, and rope jumping is one of the many ways to keep your heart healthy! 

Organised in partnership with Terumo Asia Holdings, the inaugural #NHCSJumpforHeart campaign was launched in August 2023 to raise awareness on cardiovascular disease and to raise funds for needy heart patients through an innovative approach – rope jumping to a fun, upbeat exercise routine! Donors who have made a donation of at least $25 received a cordless jump rope as a token of appreciation. With the skipping rope, they are encouraged to participate in the #NHCSJumpforHeart Workout Challenge and post a video of themselves skipping online!

Making a Positive Impact and Promoting Heart Health
Over 170 NHCS staff and members of the public stepped forward to support the campaign with donations and skipped to the fight against heart disease, while challenging their coordination, stamina and balance! They were encouraged to skip and post a video of themselves skipping to promote awareness on heart disease. All donations for the campaign go towards the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund to support needy heart patients in their medical expenses and bills as they fight their health battle.

“I've been fortunate to receive blessings from various people in my life. The least I can do in return is to donate and support our less fortunate heart patients,” expressed Ms Elaine Goh of NHCS Vascular Laboratory, who was one of the first few staff to respond to the appeal of the campaign. 

Ms Anna Catherine (above) donated and skipped to spread awareness on the importance of exercise for better heart health!

Ms Anna Catherine, a perfusionist from NHCS, donated and posted a video of her skipping on her personal Instagram page, to raise awareness on heart disease. On what motivated her to support the campaign, she shared, “As a postpartum mom who suffered from acute pre-eclampsia, I hope to regain my health through skipping, and to stand stronger than ever. We can all do our part in raising awareness for heart disease, and I choose skipping to show my support!” 
Dr Ruan Xucong, a Senior Resident from Cardiology, rallied her fellow colleagues at Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) to skip and donate upon knowing about the campaign. “As doctors, we understand the significance of heart health. Since we could sweat it out and yet do good at the same time, I asked my colleagues to join in the fun. I’m happy to contribute collectively as a group, and I’m certain my colleagues enjoyed doing the routine too!”

Kudos to NHCS doctors who skipped to raise funds for needy heart patients and to create awareness on heart disease! 
(Photo on left): Top (L-R): A/Prof Yeo Khung Keong, Dr Kenneth Chew, Dr Teo Hooi Khee; Bottom (L-R): Prof Terrance Chua, Dr Kamalesh Anbalakan, Dr Pung Xuanming
(Photo on right: L-R): Dr Nerissa, Dr Shoji, Dr Mon Ei Ei Moe, Dr Zin Bo Latt, Dr Ruan Xucong 

Dr Shoji Sagrado, a Resident Physician from Cardiology, generously donated towards the campaign and looked forward to enjoying some jump rope fun with his children. He expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, saying, “The skipping routine is simple to follow, and I believe it will serve as an excellent bonding activity with my kids. Not only do I get to contribute to a noble cause, but I also have the opportunity to share enjoyable moments with my children while skipping.”

Skipping towards Better Heart Health

11 of NHCS Physiotherapists did a synchronised skipping routine to rally for the campaign! 

Indeed, skipping is an exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere and at all ages. To encourage more Singaporeans to skip and stay active for better heart health, Ms Yeo Wee Ting, Physiotherapist from the NHCS Cardiac Physiotherapy Services specially curated a 2.5-minute skipping routine. “As a Physiotherapist, our primary responsibility is to enhance cardiovascular health for our heart patients through rehabilitation and physiotherapy. It is such a meaningful endeavour for me to choreograph this skipping routine for both the public and individuals with heart ailments.” 

Mr Guan (above), a NHCS patient who underwent a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) procedure late last year, enjoys skipping as a way to stay active. By skipping for the campaign, he hopes to raise awareness on heart disease and inspires more Singaporeans to skip and exercise for better heart health. 

Assoc Prof Chin Chee Tang, Institution Wellness Officer of NHCS, who tried out the routine, shared, “This cordless rope jumping routine is quite a brilliant idea to allow us to take a break and do some light exercise after sitting at our desks for too long. I tried the routine with our fellow colleagues, and it is not as difficult as I thought. It’s not about how hard you skip, but more of the conscious effort to implement exercise into your everyday regime. And more importantly, it is also a meaningful activity to raise funds for our needy patients! ”


Keep Your Heart Healthy & Win Prizes!

Thank you for the participation and video submissions for the #NHCSJumpforHeart Workout Challenge, to spread the awareness on heart disease! 
Check out NHCS YouTube channel and Facebook Instagram to view the video submissions! 

Inspired by our healthcare professionals who skipped? Although the campaign has ended, you may still:
  • Show your support for our healthcare professionals by making a donation here to help our needy heart patients
    *All donations go towards supporting our needy heart patients and are entitled to 250% tax deduction for Singapore taxpayers.

  • Continue to skip and keep your heart healthy by trying the #NHCSJumpforHeart skip routine
    Together, we can skip to the fight against heart disease!

From L-R: Ms Suganiya (Staff Nurse, Ward 56) and Ms Raena Tok (Executive, Corporate Development) skipping with Assoc Prof Chin Chee Tang