​“It has been more than 51 years since I joined the Radiotherapy Department at Singapore General Hospital. The most impactful experience of my career has got to be a trip I took to the United States with the World Health Organisation Fellowship in 1971. Back then, whenever cancer patients were referred to our department for therapy, many saw little chance of recovery. But during this trip, I saw that with greater awareness about cancer and its treatments, people would see radiotherapy  in a very different light.

We are more optimistic about cancer treatment these days, especially with the use of more advanced treatment methods and early diagnosis. With the new Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre in the new National Cancer Centre Singapore building, I hope we can provide more treatment modalities and shorter waiting times to begin treatment so as to bring about even better results for our patients.”

- Mr Ng Kim Bock, Consultant Physicist, Division of Radiation Oncology, National Cancer Centre Singapore