​“There are many misconceptions about the work that my department do! People think that all we do is akin to washing, but the actual decontamination & sterilisation processes are more complex. Sterilisation processes can see temperatures as high as 134 degree Celsius.

I have been a nurse since 1991. It was during the first ten years of my career that I realised the importance of sterlisation in providing quality medical care. Something as simple as whether the equipment is ready for the next patient, is something that can impact the patient’s recovery.  I take a lot of satisfaction in delivering instruments that have undergone safe sterilisation, and ensuring that every patient receives sterilised instruments is important.

Since moving to SingHealth Tower, we were able to incorporate even more technology, such as auto-loading and unloading systems allowing us to retrieve decontaminated items from the washer disinfectors automatically. It is definitely more convenient than manually loading and unloading the items!”

- Ng Choon Luan, Assistant Nurse Clinician, Sterile Supplies Unit @ SingHealth Tower

A firm believer in building up her competencies, and keeping up with advances, Choon Luan is also a Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) and a Certified Healthcare Leader (CHL) with the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA), on top of being a Registered Nurse with the Singapore Nursing Board.