A new cell-processing laboratory at KKH is enabling safer, personalised therapies for patients battling aggressive forms of childhood cancers.

The Teo Sok Yong and Goh Cheng Liang Childhood Cancer Laboratory @ KKH is helmed by an expert team to support cellular therapies for blood cancers and optimise the precise composition of stem cells for child cancer therapy.

Creating safer care at the cellular level

“We are able to reduce patients’ risk of serious transplant-associated complications through crafted, targeted therapies, harnessing the team’s skills in plasma and red cell depletion, graft manipulation and more,” said Associate Professor Joyce Lam, Deputy Head, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, KKH, who oversees the laboratory.

“Launched with $12 million support by the Goh Foundation, the laboratory is the fruition of collaborations to advance treatment and research to give every child the best chance for their brightest future,” shared Dr Soh Shui Yen, Committee Chair, Children’s Blood and Cancer Centre, KKH.

KKH is also collaborating with commercial and academic partners on chimeric antigen-receptor T-cells (CAR-T cells) therapy for patients where conventional cancer treatment options have failed.