Singapore, 6 June 2023 – The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) received a generous S$1 million gift from local philanthropist Mr Harry Fung, which will go towards helping patients who need financial assistance and supporting cancer research to further care and improve health outcomes.

Having observed the holistic care for lymphoma that his late wife received at NCCS, Mr Fung was inspired to give back to society and make a positive impact to a cause that is close to his heart. The S$1 million gift will be divided equally between the NCCS Cancer Fund to support needy patients and to advance investigator-initiated clinical trials, with the ultimate aim of improving treatment outcomes for patients.

Mr Harry Fung, said, “My late wife battled cancer for almost ten years and it was a physically and emotionally challenging period for us. When accompanying her for treatment at NCCS, I saw how some patients and their families struggled with the financial burden of being ill with cancer. Having been a caregiver myself, I understand how difficult it can be and this is why I want to help needy patients. I know there is a rising cancer incidence and I support NCCS’ work in giving care and conducting cancer research to seek improved treatments, which I believe is critical to benefit patients in the future. I hope this gift will inspire others to give back to society in whatever way they can.”

The new National Cancer Centre Singapore building which officially opened on 18 May 2023, has expanded and enhanced capacity and programmes to take care of cancer patients at all stages of the illness. The new NCCS also boasts larger space and expanded capabilities for cancer research and clinical trials. The gift to research will support NCCS scientists and clinician-scientists who work to advance the understanding of cancer and develop innovative approaches to improve health outcomes.

Prof William Hwang, Chief Executive Officer, NCCS, said, “A cancer patient’s treatment journey can be challenging and daunting with the uncertainty of what the future holds. We are very fortunate to have the support of like-minded individuals who share NCCS’ vision to offer patients hope of a cancer-free tomorrow. Such generous support enables NCCS to better support our patients, continually develop holistic programmes and undertake impactful cancer research to improve patients’ lives.”


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About the National Cancer Centre Singapore

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a leading national and regional tertiary cancer centre with specialists who are experts in treating cancer. NCCS attends to the majority of cancer cases in Singapore’s public healthcare sector. To meet growing healthcare needs, the new NCCS building has increased capacity and expanded facilities dedicated to cancer care, rehabilitation, research and education. NCCS aims to provide our patients with the best outcomes with advanced and innovative treatment such as proton therapy following regulatory approval, which will be offered at the Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre.

In addition to offering holistic and multidisciplinary oncology care, our clinicians and scientists collaborate with local and international partners to conduct robust, cutting-edge clinical and translational research. We share our depth of experience and expertise by training local and overseas medical professionals, to support NCCS’ vision to be a global leading cancer centre.

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