Singapore General Hospital is proud of Ms Ang Shin Yuh, Deputy Director, Nursing Quality Research & Transformation for being a recipient of the President's Award for Nurses 2019! 

​Ms Ang Shin Yuh, recipient of the President's Award for Nurses 2019


Shin Yuh is first and foremost a nurse before she is a collaborative innovator, an effective mentor, a visionary leader, a keen researcher, and many other things all rolled into one. 

She has led and developed numerous initiatives that not only enhance work efficiency and safety for her fellow nurses, she is also very zealous about improving care quality and the way nurses deliver care. 

Some of her projects include co-designing motorised trolley to transport the very heavy dialysis and reverse osmosis machines, as well as a safe, efficient and ergonomic way of draining up to 20kg of peritoneal dialysis fluid which nurses would otherwise have to carry.

To make learning fun, engaging and convenient for nurses, Shin Yuh worked with game developers to create a 3D online simulation game for competency assessment of nurses in administering of blood and blood products. This is in addition to her leading the change for in-service education, making it available on SingHealth E-learning platform. 

Shin Yuh firmly believes in patient empowerment and has led the introduction of bedside tablets which patients can use to pose questions to their care team, find out their test results, see their medication list, etc. The Minimal Viable Product for bedside tablet was successfully rolled out in November 2018 in an SGH ward. The project will be scaled up to more wards and other SingHealth institutions.

She has published 32 papers in peer-reviewed journals to date and co-authored a guide book on research for SingHealth nurses. Some of her research has in-turn changed practice in SGH.

As a part-time tutor at Curtin University and Singapore Institute of Technology, Shin Yuh generously shares her knowledge and expertise with students and nurses pursuing a formal education. 

She is highly respected and possesses the ability to connect well with all levels of staff across disciplines and departments. Despite the accolade she receives, Shin Yuh remains humble and driven to improve the status quo for patients and her peers.