We live in a fast-paced world and, sometimes, this could even mean letting full sentences with perfect grammar take a back seat. Instead, communicating using shorthand or abbreviations seems like the go-to these days, particularly amongst the millennials.

We've put together a list of modern acronyms with a simple guide on how to use them so that you can communicate even more effectively (and efficiently!) with your younger colleagues. Remember to couple it with our "Handy Guide to Millennial Lingo", FTW!

Want to be the GOAT at millennial speak (or just utterly confused)? Read on!


1)      ATM = At the moment

What it means: Right now

How to use it

"Sorry, this has to wait as we have more urgent things to deal with ATM.'


2)      FOMO = Fear of missing out

What it means: That anxious feeling you get when being left out of something exciting.

How to use it

 "I was so tired but my FOMO got the better of me and I ended up at John's party."

Note: FOMO is the direct opposite of JOMO which means joy of missing out.

"I was enjoying my book at home instead of attending John's party - absolute JOMO!'


3)      FTW = For the win

What it is:  A term used often to give importance to a specific noun, "is better", "beats yours"

How to use it

 "I got tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert before anyone else did, my wi-fi connection FTW."


4)      GOAT = Greatest of all time

What it means: Literally, the best. Ever.

How to use it

" Cristiano Ronaldo is the GOAT."

(Sorry, not sorry.)


5)      ICYMI = In case you missed it

What it is: A term used to point you to something interesting to check out… in case you, well, missed it!

How to use it

"I've sent you a link to that awesome Joy at Work story, ICYMI."


6)      IMO or IMHO = In my opinion or in my humble opinion

What it is: A phrase used to point out that a statement is your own opinion, used as a disclaimer

How to use it

"IMHO, the colours used in this poster really clash."


7)      SMH = Shaking my head

What it is: A term that's typically used when something is a disappointment or just plain obvious.

How to use it

 "You've never heard of the Avengers? SMH."


8)      TBH = To be honest

What it is: A term that precedes or follows a true statement, used for emphasis.

How to use it

 "You are already slim so there's no need to go on a diet, TBH!"


9)      TIL = Today I learned

What it is: A phrase often used on social media platforms by individuals who've discovered something new.

How to use it

 "TIL what GOAT means!"


10)   TL;DR = Too long; didn't read

What it means:  To acknowledge and summarise a body of text that is too wordy and difficult to digest.

How to use it

Person A:

"Hey, did you read that really long notice on the wall?"

Person B:

"Yes, I did. TL;DR, they just want us to stop misusing the photocopy machine."


Heard of other acronyms that caught you by surprise? Tell us about it at joyatwork@singhealth.com.sg!