"I have always been interested in first aid and healthcare, having joined the Red Cross Society in primary school and later the St John Ambulance Brigade in secondary school.  At 21, I was inspired by a pictorial book that showcased nurses from the International Red Cross Society, who were able to cross borders to provide medical care to the needy.  Though I have not joined the International Red Cross Society, I find that what I am doing now is equally meaningful. It is a calling, not just a job.

I am most passionate about providing care and support for patients with cancer. I primarily care for those with breast cancer.  It is not solely a physical disease. The effects of a diagnosis of cancer and its treatment present emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social challenges for patients and their families. Nurse practitioners play an instrumental role to provide education, counseling and help patients gain positive perspective of their situations."

Mabel Tan
Advanced Practice Nurse, Senior Nurse Clinician, Department of Nursing
National Cancer Centre Singapore


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