All staff from Clinic K give to SGH Needy Patients Fund. How did they achieve it?

Clinic K inspires others in staff giving with 100% of staff donating to the SGH Needy Patients Fund. 

Senior Healthcare Attendant Perriema Kaniammah was the first one to submit the staff donation form. “I am happy to help out in any way I can. We are like a big family so when I sign up, my friends sign up, too,” adds Kaniammah. 

Every nurse, allied health professional, administrative and ancillary staff, other than those on maternity and hospitalisation leave, in Clinic K have signed up to give to SGH Needy Patients Fund. Encouraged by the example of the Clinic K staff, some doctors - who run their outpatient sessions - also joined in.


This was made possible with encouragement from Associate Professor Agnes Tan, Senior Consultant, Hand and Reconstructive Microsurgery, who is a strong supporter of the Fund.

It is also important to have the right champion such as SOC Operations Executive Christina Tan to engage the ground staff.

“Christina is a very effective leader, and well-liked by everyone. She always voluntarily helps out at the counter during lunch breaks so that the team can take turns to go for lunch. Whenever any of the counter staff needs help, she would assist readily”, said Assoc Prof Agnes Tan.

In mid-April, when Christina handed out the Staff Donation forms during roll-calls, all the forms were returned and signed with little questions asked. SOC Clinic K took about a month to achieve full participation rate.


In appreciation of their achievement, Assoc Prof Agnes treated everyone to lunch in June. To top things off, the clinic was presented with an art piece done by a beneficiary of the Fund.

About SGH Needy Patients Fund

SGH Needy Patients Fund plays a key role in helping our patients begin or continue their treatment until alternative funding sources from the community or charities are available on a long-term basis. This fund helps support patients with basic and critical care requirements such as interim financial help for dialysis, equipment, consumables and treatments that are not covered by safety nets such as MediFund.

Did you know?

$1,000 can provide a kidney failure patient with interim dialysis for a month.

$500 can provide five months’ worth of nutritional supplements to a cancer patient

$100 can give a patient on tube feeding a month’s supply of milk feed

$50 can provide a month’s supply of diapers to a patient with mobility impairment

You can also give to SGH Needy Patients Fund, simply download this staff donation form from Infopedia or scan this QR code.

 Please indicate SGHNPF<space>NRIC/FIN/UEN* under the UEN/Bill Reference Number.

*All donors are required to provide their Singapore Tax Reference number (e.g. NRIC/FIN/UEN where applicable) to enjoy 250%  tax deduction.

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