As part of Staff Appreciation Month, an outdoor concert was held for our staff to let music uplift their spirits after more than two years of hard work.


If music be the food of love, SGH used a “live” concert to tell our staff how much we appreciate them.  The SGH Arts Concert, put on hiatus for more than two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, made a comeback on 20 May 2022 as an event dedicated to our staff. It was also an occasion for staff to take time out to relax and care for themselves.

LighterNotes caught up with some of our colleagues at the outdoor event, made possible with the lifting of pandemic restrictions. They share how they feel attending an in-person event after so long.

(from left) Tan Yang Noi, Chief Human Resource Officer and Dr Limin Wijaya, Senior Consultant, Infectious Diseases

Says Dr Limin Wijaya, Senior Consultant, Infectious Diseases, “I came to the Quad because I was attracted by the different colours of the school uniform, and was pleasantly surprised to see a concert put up by students. They did a great job to uplift the mood within the hospital! I am glad to be able to grab a quick few minutes of reprieve from work to mingle with friends whom I have not seen for so long, face-to-face.”

Adds Tan Yang Noi, Chief Human Resource Officer, “It is great to see the students, patients and colleagues here, finally able to enjoy a concert after all this time. For me, the Quad brings to mind a lot of fond throwbacks like the mass workout we did and the buffet we organised for 7,000 staff during SGH’s 185th Anniversary celebrations.”


Methodist Girls' School kicked off SGH’s first Arts Concert in two years with a medley of English & Mandarin songs. The concert was held outdoors at The Quad, SGH Block 7.

 (from left) Zulhelmy Zaiman, Senior Executive, Community Relations and Ben Wai Phyo Tun, Senior Facility Technical Assistant, Environmental Services

"I feel so good being able to organise a “live” event again! My work is to support events held at Deck on 9 and for the past two years the hospital could not hold any in-person events due to COVID-19. So I am excited to resume my usual duties," says Ben Wai Phyo Tun, Senior Facility Technical Assistant, Environmental Services.


(From left) Dr Chee Huei Leng, Senior Consultant, Surgical Intensive Care with Valarie Wilson, Principal, Methodist Girls’ School

"I came down today to support my alma mater's efforts to spread joy to others. I think that such a “live” event is nice in that it is a sign that normal life is resuming. It is especially heartening for me to see life returning to our hospital environment because during the pandemic the public had to stay away and most of the food stalls were closed - so coming to work was quite a bleak affair then,” says Dr Chee Huei Leng, Senior Consultant, Surgical Intensive Care.

(from left) Rosie Khoo and Koh Yee Mui, Senior Patient Experience Managers, Office of Patient Experience

Says Rosie Khoo, Senior Patient Experience Manager, Office of Patient Experience, “The children are here to spread joy so being in such an environment makes me happy, too!”

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