"I have always had an interest to work in a helping profession. As a trauma psychologist in KKH, I enjoy helping children deal with their emotional, psychological and behavioural difficulties, as they work towards normalcy.

Once, I worked with a child who suffered post-traumatic stress after being involved in a car accident. Her parents and her were very committed to therapy and conscientiously followed up with what we taught them. The child's resilience and her parent's love and support for her left a lasting impression on me. After a few sessions of therapy, she recovered and even moved on to help other children who faced difficult events in their lives.

Looking forward, I hope we can build a strong network of trauma-trained professionals who are committed to helping children in schools, the community and hospital settings."


Lim Xin Yi
Senior Psychologist, Psychosocial Trauma Support Service
KK Women's and Children's Hospital


Tags: Psychologist, Allied Health