"People with mental health problems are often treated differently or even excluded by those around them.  Some of my patients become hesitant to get treatment due to the labels they are stuck with because of their mental health issues.  Public education is really the key in eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health.  The public and our patients need to gain a deeper understanding of the mental disease and learn not to fear it.

Caring for an individual with dementia can be challenging and at times, overwhelming.  My patient's husband once shared that though caregiving is difficult, but he is willing to take this remarkable journey with his wife no matter how tough it gets.  He said, 'Caregiving for a dementia patient need not be a painful and arduous burden, but it can be a journey that pulls a couple or family closer and one where we build even more beautiful memories.'"


Levinia Lim
Associate Psychologist
National Neuroscience Institute


Tags: Psychologist, Allied Health