​"As a diagnostic radiographer working in Computed Tomography department, my duty includes the safety of patients and staff, infection control and the quality of CT images acquired.

Anyone can take photographs, only radiographer can take radiographs. With the help of sophisticated imaging modalities nowadays, we could literally “see through” a person. Computed Tomography produces cross-sectional images by using X-ray. I usually explain to patient that CT examination is just like a photo-taking session, he/she has to stay still to achieve a good image.

I personally find the interactions with the patients are the most interesting part of my job. Although our contact with patients is brief but it's essential for us to put ourselves into their shoes and let them know they are in good hands. And trust me, a greeting with a warm smile could really brighten up someone's day!

Working in National Heart Centre Singapore, I’ve encountered many patients with heart failure condition. One patient who had suffered from idiopathic heart failure condition had left the deepest impression as I got to witness her recovery journey. She used to follow up her conditions regularly with us but now, her body is beating with her new heart and we only need to see her once every year. "

Lee Yee Teng, Eva
Department of Cardiac Radiology
National Heart Centre Singapore