“I joined Toa Payoh Hospital 39 years ago, after graduating from university. When we moved to Changi General Hospital, I was involved in setting up the new Radiography department, from planning the workflow to the layout of the rooms. Over the years, I have seen many improvements with the advancement of technology.

Back in the day, radiography was manually done and we had to carry the large, wet film for processing in dark rooms. In urgent cases, the film could not dry in time and had to be delivered wet to the doctors with the stamp “Wet Film”. Today, the images are transmitted digitally and we no longer have to worry about delivering wet film.

Even though the way we do radiography has changed significantly from when I first started, my passion to serve patients remains the same. I believe that technology and machinery can never replace the human touch in our care to patients.”

- Ms Lee Bee Im Jennifer, Senior Principal Radiographer, Changi General Hospital