​Staff Nurse Jason Mok works in Singapore National Eye Centre’s (SNEC) Operating Theatres (OT) as an Anaesthetic Unit scrub nurse. His dedication to delivering the best care for patients drives him forward, and motivates him to constantly seek improvement. Besides completing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Honours) programme, and plans to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Nursing, the go-getter is also involved in two projects aimed at reducing anxiety for patients undergoing surgery. His next goal is to become an Advance Practice Nurse (APN).

“Every action of mine can have a big impact on a patient’s comfort and recovery journey. The role of an Advanced Practice Nurse allows for more involvement in the patient’s treatment, and I feel it would give me even greater satisfaction.

Working in SNEC’s Nursing-OT department allows one to be highly trained and proficient in assisting all kinds of ophthalmic subspecialty surgeries. After you mastered these skills, there are also avenues for you to create change, and improve the standard of care for patients or work processes through kaizen (continuous improvement) initiatives.”

- Jason Mok, Staff Nurse, Singapore National Eye Centre

This profile originally appeared in SingVision Issue 2/2021.