It has been a challenging period for all of us given the COVID-19 global pandemic. While the global pandemic remains uncertain, we would like to remind our readers to take good care and stay safe. One way you can do this is to maintain a healthy diet — and we can help a little here. Try our Coco-corn with Prawn Soup (page 24), which was created by CGH’s very own staff members.

In this issue, you’ll also learn how you can manage your chronic conditions effectively and, if you are consuming medication, how to store and consume them safely (page 22). And could a loved one of yours who is behaving differently lately be suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder? Find out on page 6.

We also take the time to honour CGH staff who are in this fight against COVID-19 (page 9). These are but a few among the many who are in the battle against the coronavirus — including you! Remember, wear your mask when out and keep to the recommended safe distancing guidelines and wash your hands regularly, you are also keeping everyone else safe.

With this, we would like to inform our readers that Caring will go on a short hiatus. Until then, stay safe and stay well!

PS: check out the mental health resources by our TRaCS team:

Sarah Abdul Karim