Even though I do not work directly with patients in my role at the Department of Facilities Management & Engineering, my work affects the lives of almost everyone in the hospital.

At SGH, I am in charge of ensuring that facilities in the various wards, clinics and operating theatres stay in tip-top condition and meet infection control standards. When issues are highlighted, I first look at how we can improve our processes, then pre-empt similar issues that might happen elsewhere. I try to prevent and solve these issues before they affect hospital operations.

Knowing that I’m making a difference is what keeps me going. Frontline colleagues have their own set of challenges as they interact with patients and the public. If I can do something to help them work more efficiently, i’m ultimately helping patients as well.

Liang Dianhui
Senior Executive, Facilities Management & Engineering
Singapore General Hospital

Winner of the Superstar-Administration category at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018