​Diabetes in Singapore is a growing concern. It can deeply affect your quality of life if not well-controlled, and cause complications. The Ministry of Health has declared ‘war on diabetes’ and has committed to help Singaporeans live free from diabetes, as well as help those with the condition control it better. SingHealth fully supports this.


The SingHealth Duke-NUS Diabetes Centre aims to deliver better care and outcomes for our patients by adopting a new, transformational model of care.

We bring together different specialists and allied health professionals across SingHealth to organise care around our patients and their needs. This integrated model of care enables us to set new standards for diabetes-related patient care, education and research.

The Centre was formed in 2015 to oversee and coordinate the delivery of diabetes care within the SingHealth Hospitals and National Specialty Centres, including Singapore General Hospital, Changi General Hospital, Sengkang General Hospital, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Singapore National Eye Centre and SingHealth Polyclinics. It forms a unique platform for the collaborative work of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals.


The Centre aims to meet the needs of our patients throughout the diabetes continuum of care – from prediabetes to late-stage diabetes with complications. 

We are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for our patients by combining clinical expertise with the latest advances in treatment, research and education. 

Our team of primary care physicians and specialists are experienced in the assessment and management of diabetes and its associated complications. They are supported by a strong and dedicated team of diabetes nurse educators, dietitians, pharmacists, podiatrists, medical social workers and psychologists. 

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures that people with diabetes get comprehensive medical care, patient education, and aggressive prevention and management of complications.


For GP referrals, please contact the SingHealth Duke-NUS Diabetes Centre:

Singapore General Hospital: 6326 6060
Changi General Hospital: 6788 3003
Sengkang General Hospital: 6930 6000
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital: 6692 2984
Singapore National Eye Centre: 6322 9399


Our Executive Committee

1. Assoc Prof Goh Su-Yen
Senior Consultant, 3D Design and Printing Centre (3DPC);
Dept of Endocrinology, SGH

Director, Research
2. Dr Tan Hong Chang
Senior Consultant, Dept of Endocrinology, SGH

Director, Education
3. Dr Tan Su-Lyn Daphne
Senior Consultant, Dept of Endocrinology, SGH

Co-Leads, Primary (Diabetes) Care
4. Dr Tan Choon Seng Gilbert
Director, Regional Clinical Services (South East), SHP

5. Dr Brindha Balakrishnan
Family Physician, SHP

6. Dr Shum Jin-Wen Eugene
Director, Community Partnerships, SingHealth Office of Regional Health

Co-Leads, Specialist (Diabetes) Care
7. Dr Loh Wann Jiaz
Consultant, Dept of Endocrinology, CGH

8. Dr Rama Chandran Suresh
Consultant, Dept of Endocrinology, SGH

9. Dr Koh Fang Yung Angela
Head & Senior Consultant, Dept of General Medicine;
Senior Consultant, Dept of Endocrinology, SKH

10. Clin Assoc Prof Lek Ngee
Senior Consultant, Endocrinology Service, KKH

11. Prof Tan Kok Hian
Senior Consultant, Dept of Maternal Fetal Medicine;
Perinatal Audit & Epidemiology Unit;
Co-Director, Antenatal Diagnostic Centre/ Antenatal Monitoring Clinic, KKH

Co-Leads, Diabetic Complications
12. Assoc Prof Tan Siew Wei Gavin
Senior Consultant, Surgical Retina Dept;
Cataract & Comprehensive Ophthalmology Dept;
Clinical Director, SNEC Ocular Reading Centre (SORC);
SIDRP / Polyclinic;
Co-Head, Ocular Imaging Dept, SNEC

13. Dr Kwek Jia Liang
Senior Consultant, Dept of Renal Medicine, SGH

14. Dr Chee Hoe Kit
Senior Consultant, Periodontics, Dept of Restorative Dentistry, NDCS