"When I first joined nursing, I had no idea what it would entail.  It seemed like a tough profession, and I was unsure if I could manage, let alone enjoy it.

Now as I reflect upon my 17-year career as a nurse, it dawns on me how the decision to become a nurse has changed my life in a wonderful way.  My role as a Patient Navigator involves helping patients, and ensuring they receive optimal care so that they can recover seamlessly. Patient Navigators are always in touch with patients, offering assistance that goes beyond their job scope.

While it may not sound like a big deal to some, what we do makes a world of difference to patients and their family members. I am thankful that I work in patient care coordination, and I hope my patients know that I am always just a call away."


Haslinda Binte Barman
Patient Navigator, Ward 75
Singapore General Hospital


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