NHCS Development team speaks to Mr Muhummad Aziz Khan (pictured above), a grateful patient and donor of NHCS, on why he gives back to the society. 

A Man of Giving

 Brought up by parents who were firm believers of giving, Mr Khan witnessed firsthand how they often shared food with the poor and hungry. “I felt elated that we could help. Ever since, we as a family, found our peace, solace and happiness when we could share with others,” shared Mr Khan, Chairman of Summit Group.

Having also experienced the post-independence era for Bangladesh, which drove many people into poverty and hunger, Mr Khan together with his wife, Mdm Anjuman, established the Anjuman & Aziz Charitable Trust (AACT), so that they could continue to give back to the society.

The Driving Force Behind Giving

 Apart from supporting the needy, Mr Khan is also a strong advocate of education. In Bangladesh, he supported the building and funding of several schools, including internet-based schools. As a result, students living in rural areas can still continue to receive education through digital platforms. 

 Currently residing in Singapore, Mr Khan has seen how the country and NHCS have evolved over the years. Impressed with the dedication of the care team and the work NHCS is doing, he pledged a gift of $300,000 over three years towards supporting the training and education of NHCS’ clinician-scientists and researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of the novel Carbon-13 (C13) hyperpolariser technology (an emerging imaging technique to measure real-time metabolism) in our brand new scientific laboratory, and to embark on new studies to better understand cardiometabolic diseases.  

“I am glad to have met great persons like Professor Koh Tian Hai (Emeritus Consultant) while I was being cared for at NHCS. I am confident that NHCS’ aspirations are well-formulated to the needs of the society and hope that my support will benefit the  journey towards curing heart ailments,” said Mr Khan.

Growing Joy with Love and The Power of Giving

 Inspired by his parents’ altruistic ways, Mr Khan shared the immense joy he received from rendering help to others in need, “After my parents’ passing, we donated 200 beds to Siraj-Khaleda Memorial Cantonment Board General Hospital situated at Dhaka, Bangladesh, where our homes remain.” At the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, Mr and Mrs Khan also donated several ambulances fitted with high-flow nasal oxygen equipment, which provided a much needed respite to the hospital. 

 Mr Khan strongly believes in continuing his philanthropic efforts, and that in order to thrive and survive, one has to feel and be loved. He shared, “We want to work towards the eradication of poverty of mind, wealth and health. Our motto is to bring about equality in societies and eliminate conflict.” On this, Mr Khan quoted Mother Teresa - Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Make a Difference Now  

Cardiovascular disease is a lifelong health journey for many of our patients. At NHCS, we are acutely aware of that, and believe strongly that not only should we reach out to our needy patients, we would have to continue to advance our care through research and education, to better care for the community and improve health outcomes. If you would like to donate and support our causes, make a gift here.

Launched in 2010, the Heart To Heart Fund aims to support financially needy patients; subsidise novel treatment for patients unable to undergo conventional therapy; advance cardiovascular research, and support education and training of cardiac healthcare professionals. 

Have questions, or would like to know more about giving in NHCS? Contact the NHCS Development Team at development@nhcs.com.sg.