Ms Stella Goh is an exemplary nurse who is always willing to put others before herself.   As the lead nurse in the Division of Palliative Medicine (DPM) at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), she provides holistic care for patients with life limiting diseases such as cancer. She also nurtures and mentors the DPM nurses through leading by example in difficult situations.

When an ex-colleague was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, Ms Goh decided to go above and beyond the call of nursing. Ms Goh offered to stay at her friend's house to help manage any complex symptoms, and helped care for her till she passed on.

"Palliative care nurses are faced with the fears and anguish expressed by patients and family members during the disease trajectory. I am not only challenged to ensure the comfort of the patient, but also to lessen the trauma for their family members," says Ms Goh.

Despite this, Ms Goh has never once considered giving up.  "The palliative care process is difficult and even agonising at times. As such, my nursing practice is not for everyone.  Still, I believe that struggling is a given part of nursing. And knowing up front that the journey will be challenging is all the more reason to press on."

That Ms Goh is a mother of two young children makes her unwavering commitment and passion to nursing even more remarkable.

"I owe much to my family. They have always been there holding the fort, bringing strength and stability to my home. Without them, nursing as a career would not have been possible," says Ms Goh.

"Commitment to a nursing career requires strength of character. When the welfare of others is most important, something beyond the rigors of basic nursing skills takes over.  You are no longer just a nurse, but a true professional."


Ms Goh Seow Lin Stella 
Senior Nurse Clinician, Division of Palliative Medicine
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Ms Goh is the winner of the Outstanding Nurse Award at the 2016 SingHealth Excellence Awards.


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