"Research can be dispiriting at times, especially when starting a new project on an unfamiliar subject.  Often it is only knowing the satisfaction that comes from producing high quality research with the potential to improve peoples lives that makes the effort worthwhile.  A love for research is necessary to keep one motivated, which, in turn, translates into a desire to do things correctly and not to cut corners. I have been very fortunate in having a great group of people who enjoy the challenge and who are very self-motivated working in my lab.  Coincidentally, my laboratory is named the "Laboratory of Virus Evolution" or "LoVE"!

I love what I do despite the occasional setback such as having grants or manuscripts rejected with highly critical reviews.  Apart from that, the most difficult part of my job is managing projects with multiple partners overseas with whom clear communication can sometimes be challenging.  The travel can also get a bit much as I miss my kids.  But I can't stress this enough, I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be doing something that I find so enjoyable!"


Dr Gavin JD Smith
Associate Professor, Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Duke-NUS Medical School


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