I am an anaesthetist by training and I subspecialise in anaesthesia for babies and children.

I believe the movement towards capitalising of education for trainees and patients and harnessing medical innovation go hand in hand towards a healthcare system that is better suited for the demands of the 21st century medicine.

My research interest therefore reflects my belief, and includes education of trainee doctors and patients as well as medical technology and innovation.

Understanding the learning and training needs of our trainees allows the mentors to better nurture them in a vibrant positive learning environment.   

Education of the patients and parents has the advantage of enhancing autonomy and treatment compliance, patient experience and a meaningful interaction with their healthcare providers.

The outcome is better patient outcome – body, mind and spirit.

Dual education of the future medical care giver and recipients are therefore responsibilities for today’s clinician educator.

With rapid advancement in technology, the next continuum of medicine will be shaped by innovation powered by our imagination – smart environment at home care, hospital, clinic and operating theatre.

My current research in device development focuses on perioperative monitoring device and automated transportation system in the operating theatre.

I am currently working on equipment prototypes for two grant funded projects, and am also working with engineers and academics on experimental ideas such as wellness monitoring and novel solutions for active perioperative clinical problems that I have encountered.

As I take my young doctors through day to day running of anaesthesia, I enjoy the process of exciting young minds by observing, hypothesizing and proposing possible solutions to meet needs and challenges encountered peri-operatively.

I hope to be able to engage my residents in the process and bring them through the journey from a concept to design and development and implementation of an innovative idea.

Dr Hee Hwan Ing
Senior Consultant
Department of Anaesthesia, KKH


Take part in the education research track at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Education Conference - http://www.academic-medicine.edu.sg/educationconference2015