“As a surgeon, I see patients from all walks of life. Sometimes, because of their health conditions, they urgently require life-saving treatments which are ‘non-standard’ and therefore not eligible for subsidies. The cost of such care can be prohibitive for patients who face financial challenges.

I hope we can each do our part as a community to provide an alternative source of help. A small monthly contribution per person, equivalent to the cost of giving up a favourite drink or meal, when pooled can change the life of a patient in need.

The SKH Needy Patient Fund provides patients in need the financial assistance to help them through their recovery journey. I support this cause because such assistance can make an immediate difference in a patient’s life. For example, a wheelchair allows a functionally-challenged patient to regain his quality of life in the community and an artificial limb allows an amputee to ability to restore some normalcy in daily activities.

As a new institution, I hope Sengkang General Hospital will be a hospital that truly cares for our patients by doing our part in helping those who are in need.”

Dr Sabrina Ngaserin, Consultant, Dept of Surgery, Sengkang General Hospital