Close to 200 staff joined us for the “New Year, New Hope” fundraising campaign on 31 January 2024, to raise funds for needy heart patients. There is no better time to do good and bring hope to the needy than at the start of a new year!

Not only did staff donate towards the good cause, many from various departments and domains such as Finance, Nursing, Operations, Research, etc., also hopped onto the stationary bicycles to make smoothie blends to raise funds. 

Sweating for a Good Cause

In appreciation of their generous hearts, donors received goodie bags and were treated to delicious smoothies - blended by our management and colleagues using the bicycle-powered blender. Kudos to all who took time off their busy schedule to cycle and blend smoothies for a good cause! 

One of our cyclists, Dr Jeffrey Lau, Senior Consultant, Department of Cardiology, shared, “When I was first approached to support the campaign, I thought it’s just another donation drive. But it’s surprisingly fun! I was cycling with Calvin to blend the smoothies, and I enjoyed it tremendously. It was good to sweat it out for a good cause (a different kind of workout amidst the back and forth running to busy clinics!)

Giving Back as a Team

Prof Derek Hausenloy (middle) with his colleagues from NHRIS.

Prof Derek Hausenloy, Director, National Heart Research Institute Singapore (NHRIS), was delighted that his department donated towards the campaign and cheered him on as he peddled to make smoothies. He shared, “I really like the idea of connecting an exercise challenge to making smoothies! The event atmosphere was great and vibrant, and I believed it has successfully raised awareness on fundraising among our colleagues and staff.”

Zi Wei (Back row, middle) with his colleagues from Finance and Business Office at the fundraising campaign. 

Tee Zi Wei and his colleagues from Finance also joined in to support Catherine Ang, Chief Financial Officer. He shared, "We were inspired by her generosity and commitment towards supporting a good cause! Not only did she donate and cycle for the campaign, Catherine also treated our entire department to the refreshing smoothies she made!”


More than $5,500 were raised for the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund to support our financially needy heart patients, who have been fighting lifelong battles against heart disease. Funds raised will help to defray the cost of their medical treatment and livelihood expenses, bringing colours of hope to them and their families.

We hope everyone had a fun and memorable time raising funds for a good cause!

If you would like to make a difference to the lives of our needy patients, pledge a monthly gift at Month by month, your generosity will bring hope to our heart patients and give them a better quality of life!