Dr Syeda Kashfi Qadri, Associate Consultant, Children’s Intensive Care Unit, KKH


As a Bengali speaker, I was glad to be part of the KKH volunteer clinical team manning a mobile medical post in a dormitory in April 2020.

We held daily clinic sessions to conduct COVID-19 swab tests for the dormitory residents, see to their medical needs and dispense medications. Being fluent in Bengali enabled me to bridge the language gap and communicate closely with many of the dormitory residents. I was able to explain to them what they could expect from the disease and the treatment that they were receiving. I hope this connection and clarity of knowledge helped to allay their fears and concerns.

The daily situation on the ground was very fluid, and being sited within the dormitory facilities enabled us to quickly identify any problems arising. Together with the Singapore Armed Forces team and dormitory managers, we held regular brainstorming sessions to plan and implement necessary changes to limit the spread of the infection.

I am glad for every opportunity to make a difference to the lives of my patients, wherever they may be.