Our talented nurses gifted a self-painted portrait of Prof Chua to show their appreciation.

Thank You, Prof Chua

In an interview with CardioConnect back in 2016, Prof Terrance Chua said this – “Healthcare is very complex; there is a lot of different knowledge and domains. It is impossible to be singular and dictatorial, and we are always better with a collaborative attitude. When we work together as a group, we can rely on our colleagues who are experts in their respective specialties, to support us.”


During his tenure as CEO since 2014, Prof Chua has led and worked alongside many staff to drive the launch of several major initiatives in cardiac care such as the formation of the SAF Cardiac Fitness Centre to better care for national servicemen, the setup of cardiology department at Sengkang General Hospital to care for the north-eastern community, and the adoption of telemedicine for remote care during the pandemic. Beyond his busy schedules, Prof Chua has never failed to make time for staff – listening to them and caring for their well-being.

James Aik, Senior Nuclear Medicine Technologist from Nuclear Cardiac Imaging, has worked with Prof Chua since his pre-Medical Director days. He shared, “He (Prof Chua) was always there for us when we needed him. For example, helping us with urgent scan reports when the doctors were not around.” Ms Phuan Lee Choo, Chief Human Resource Officer, echoed exactly as James, “No matter how busy Prof Chua is, he always has staff welfare at heart and makes it a point to look into issues raised.”

Many shared the same sentiments and expressed their deepest appreciation to Prof Chua. It is little wonder so many NHCS colleagues turned up at the appreciation lunch especially organised to thank and honour Prof Chua for the remarkable leadership. An outpour of appreciation messages were also received.

Present and past CEOs of NHCS all in one frame - (L-R) Assoc Prof Yeo Khung Keong, Prof Terrance Chua and Prof Koh Tian Hai.

“I am truly grateful for everyone at NHCS for the fantastic support you have given me over the last nine years. I believe that all of us together, have made a difference to patients and I hope that this ability to make a positive impact to others, gives you great satisfaction and meaning to your career at NHCS,” beamed Prof Chua. He added that although there are many challenges ahead, he has confidence in the new leadership to bring NHCS to new heights.

Congratulations, Assoc Prof Yeo

Assoc Prof Yeo Khung Keong assumes his new role as CEO, NHCS with effect from 1 June 2023. Formerly Deputy CEO (Data Science & Innovation), Assoc Prof Yeo is not only a familiar face to staff, but also internationally recognised for his expertise in structural heart disease, and a well-respected clinician and researcher.


In his speech at Prof Chua’s appreciation lunch, Assoc Prof Yeo expressed, “I wish to thank Prof Chua for the culture he has instilled at NHCS – putting people first, having joy at work, and the spirit of collaboration.” He added that he looks forward to learning from everyone, “I may not always agree but I hope to always learn.”

We thank Prof Chua for nine wonderful years of leading NHCS, and look forward to a new era of heart care under Assoc Prof Yeo!