How many loaves of bread can the giant oven at Sweetlands Confectionery and Bakery cook at one time? That was one of many food-related questions and tasks participants had to complete in the ‘One Heart, One Mind’ Chiong Ah! Charity Race 2023: Foodie Quest.

Some 268 participants registered for the event, raising $100,793 for the NNI Fund, to support patient care, education and research programmes at the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI).

At the Finale Ceremony on 29 July, Assoc Prof Au Wing Lok, Chief Executive Officer, NNI and Chairman NNI Fund Committee, thanked participants for their support and shared the financial challenges NNI patients can face.

"Many patients with dementia, Parkinson’s disease and other brain, spine, nerve and muscle conditions have to stop working as their illnesses progress, yet their medical costs rise due to the need for more medications, specialist adaptive equipment and full-time caregiving," Assoc Prof Au shared. "That’s why NNI Fund was established and why partners and donors like you are so important."

For example, patients with muscular dystrophy can have such limited mobility that they can only move their fingers on one hand. But these fingers are able to control an electric wheelchair, allowing them to move freely around their homes and visit places that many people take for granted, such as shopping centres, parks and coffee shops. Despite the heavy subsidies available, the co-payment portion for an electric wheelchair can still be beyond the means of some NNI patients. In such cases NNI Fund steps in to cover the balance, so the patient can acquire a new set of wheels and continue to live as independently as possible, explained Assoc Prof Au.

This is just one example of how participants’ registration fees for Chiong Ah! Charity Race 2023 and corporate donations can directly impact patients’ lives.

The fundraising event was supported by the race partners: LendLease Global Commercial REIT, Sports SG and National Heritage Board who took part for the 2nd year running and first-time partners C-Suites and COCA.

"At Lendlease, we are committed to promoting healthier minds to create thriving communities around us. Dementia, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and brain tumours can have a devastating effect on people and their families. NNI provides care for such conditions, which is why we have continued to support this meaningful endeavour into its second year raising more than 200,000 SGD over the two years," Kelvin Chow, CEO of Lendlease Global Commercial Trust Management Pte. Ltd.

To find out who won the corporate and public races, look out for posts on NNI Fund Facebook page.

P.S. If you’re still wondering how many loaves the oven can bake at one time, the answer is 200!