"Radiographers are like the “eyes” of the clinicians. With the use of minimally invasive methods and with just 256 shades of grey, we are able to 'see' what is happening to our patients and help the clinicians make informed decisions.
I perform general, gynaecological and vascular ultrasound examinations for both adult and paediatric patients in both out- and in-patient settings.

Being able to ease the fears of the young patients coming to the hospital and participating in their imaginative play while undergoing an ultrasound examinations are some of the interesting aspects of my job.
There was once when I had to perform multiple follow-up scans for a child who was very ill. Originally fretful, he eventually got to know all of us and could even recognise us outside of the department. Being able to see him grow and improve in his condition was definitely a great fulfilment."

Chew Lay Ee
Senior Radiographer
Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital