On 18 May 2024, NHCS held our inaugural Staff Appreciation Day with nearly 400 staff and their families joining the celebration. The format has changed to make the event more inclusive and diverse, reflecting our commitment to celebrating the contributions of our staff and fostering stronger bonds among colleagues and their families.

The event was thoughtfully planned by a committee of six, led by Jael Tay from the Mechanical Circulatory Support, Heart & Lung Transplant Unit. The team spent weeks making sure that every detail was carefully planned; aiming to create an experience filled with joy, gratitude, and unity.

“The Staff Appreciation Day is a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to feel valued and appreciated. It isn't just about recognising our staff but also acknowledging the invaluable support of their families. We deliberately planned the event on this day to avoid post-festivities fatigue and ensured that it doesn’t clash with examination periods and fasting months so that more staff could attend," explained Jael.

Prof Yeo Khung Keong (extreme left), CEO, congratulating the organising committee for a successful event. (L-R): Jael Tay from Heart & Lung Transplant Unit, Wendy Toh from Department of Cardiology, Aishabi Bte Sidik from Ward 56, Chua Chong from Clinical & Translational Research Office, Chan Gim Fong from Cardiac Clinics, and Betty Yap from Nursing Development Unit.

The celebration started with a delicious lunch buffet spread featuring traditional delights like muah chee and ice cream with wafers. There were lots of activities, from engaging booth games, a photo booth to capture special moments, and a claw machine with cute merchandise; keeping everyone entertained and smiling. For those in need of a respite, a head and shoulder massage station provided a relaxing escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

The performances were also a hit with everyone, young and old. A ventriloquist show filled the place with laughter, and a whimsical magic performance left everyone in awe. “The magician was awesome, and the children adored him! Our son couldn't contain his excitement; he was laughing and jumping around the whole time,” shared Jenn Toh from Corporate Development, who attended with her husband and four-year-old son.

One of the standout moments was the thrilling Amazing Race, where five teams raced against the clock to conquer challenges and navigate obstacles throughout the NHCS building. With attractive prizes awaiting the top three teams, the competition was intense and fostered great teamwork. “The race was an absolute adrenaline rush and kept us on our toes. Despite being from different departments, our team's chemistry was impeccable, and we worked remarkably well together. Winning first place was beyond our expectations!” exclaimed Luh Nah from Clinical & Translational Research Office (CTRO), who led her team to victory.

Great teamwork led Luh Nah’s team to win the first prize at the Amazing Race. (L-R): Kelly Chng from Pharmacy, Luh Nah from CTRO, Ken Chong from Biomedical Engineering, Edmund Quek from Support Services, together with CEO, Prof Yeo Khung Keong (in white and red NHCS t-shirt).

The organising team shared that despite the challenges with manpower and last-minute registrations for the lucky draw, the event was a resounding success. Jael remarked how proud she felt of the team for overcoming the obstacles to deliver such a memorable event. “Seeing everyone's happy faces that day was truly rewarding. It really strengthened our sense of community in NHCS."

Let us stay committed to nurturing a culture of appreciation and unity within our NHCS family!