​Nurses work with community partners to provide better access to healthcare.

Eyes on the Community

Lim Sock Huang, Nurse Manager
Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC)

Since 2000, SNEC has been organising the National Eye Care Day annually to promote eye health awareness through talks and free eye screenings. We also reach out by bringing eye screening to the elderly with the SNEC Mobile Eye Bus. My role is to help the elderly understand the types of eye diseases and the importance of early detection, while optometrists administer a basic eye test to screen for conditions like cataract and glaucoma on the bus. The Eye Bus is a great way to promote greater awareness of eye health in the heartlands.

Just a Call Away

Sara Chan, Senior Staff Nurse
Bright Vision Hospital (BVH)

As a senior nurse and case manager supporting the Integrated Primary Care for At-Risk Elderly (iPCARE) programme, I follow up with patients who have complex medical and social needs to ensure that they are adequately cared for at home after their discharge. The programme aims to provide these patients with holistic care to minimise unnecessary emergency department visits and hospital re-admissions.

I regularly call them and make home visits to monitor their progress. When their conditions are stabilised, I match them with GP partners near their homes so they can receive regular care. I always tell my patients that if they encounter any problems, I am just a call away.

Care in the Community

Li Wei, Advanced Practice Nurse
National Neuroscience Institute (NNI)

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a degenerative disease that requires long-term treatment. It not only affects patients’ movements but may also cause conditions such as postural hypotension and depression, which affects their quality of life. This led us to start a nurse-led home care service for at-risk patients who have poor social support or are bed-bound.

We also work with community care partners to train their staff. Through monthly meetings and workshops, nurses and allied health professionals f rom 24 intermediate and long-term care agencies and voluntary welfare organisations have been trained under our Community Care Partner Programme.

The Health Mythbuster

Jamaliah Bte Jamil, Assistant Nurse Clinician
SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP)

I am part of the Primary Healthcare and Chronic Disease Management team of family medicine physicians and nurses. We conduct talks on chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma at libraries and community centres. Some of the skills we teach include how to monitor blood sugar or blood pressure and how to correctly use asthma inhalers. The talks are usually conducted in small groups, giving us more time to address questions and allowing participants to share their experiences for
peer support.

Creating Awareness about Cancer

Teo Lay Cheng, Senior Staff Nurse
National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS)

“How do I prevent cancer?”, “Is cancer contagious?”, these are some of the common questions asked when I conduct cancer awareness talks at schools and community events. We often support these events with the NCCS Cancer Education Bus, which is decked out with interactive games, videos and information panels to engage the old and the young.