Big hearted staff donors brought home a bear each at the recent NHCS Staff Giving Road Show on 25 May. 

Despite the humid weather, the NHCS Staff Giving Road Show (held as part of the Staff Bazaar) was abuzz with excitement and joy with occasional squeals marvelling at the cute NHCS bears. In a bid to raise funds for needy heart patients, about 30 staff made a gift to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund at the road show, and walked away as proud owners of these limited edition bears – in appreciation of their big hearts! 

It was heartening to see NHCS colleagues come forward to pledge their commitment to help our financially needy heart patients by making a small gift of $2/month to the NHCS H2H Fund (the cost of one cup of coffee!). The funds raised would go towards subsidising medical costs and treatments for needy patients, and to fuel the development of research and education in advancing cardiac care.


(L-R): The road show was abuzz with excitement and joy for a good cause: The NHCS bears, each representing a healthcare profession in NHCS - Ted (doctor), Ms Sunshine (nurse), Ally (allied health), Ultrasonic (radiographer), and Code Bolt (pharmacist).

When asked what made them sign up as staff donors? Ho Pei Yi from Clinical and Translational Research Office shared, “To be honest, I was attracted to the bears at first. When I realised it only takes me as little as $2 a month to do a good deed and to help needy patients, I was like… why not?” 

The spirit of giving was strong as some staff eagerly ran back and forth to rally more colleagues to become staff donors! Senior Nurse Manager Tina Teo from Cath Lab was one of them. “This is a very meaningful deed to me that requires little effort on my end. Together, we can make a difference for the needy with just a small gift each month, which is why I greatly encourage all my colleagues to participate!” 

Indeed, no amount of gift is ever too little in the true spirit of giving! A small gift from us can make a huge impact on the lives of our heart patients. 

You too can start to make a difference today! Click here.


A gift as little as $2 a month can help to subsidise the basic medical consultation fees of needy NHCS Heart To Heart patients as they fight a lifelong battle against cardiovascular disease. 

A small gift from you, a huge impact on our patients.