Breast pathology is key to the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. SGH pathologists, housed in Academia’s Diagnostics Tower, closely collaborate with breast radiologists, surgeons and oncologists in SingHealth institutions to accurately diagnose and manage patients’ breast conditions. 

Apart from clinical service, the breast pathology team is busy with many ongoing studies, one of which includes collaborating with Duke-NUS to further stratify triple negative breast cancer. The condition affects approximately 10-15% of breast cancer patients in Singapore and is difficult to manage since no specific targeted treatment currently exists.   Another study, in collaboration with Professor Teh Bin Tean of NCCS, investigates phyllodes tumours and fibroadenomas. 

With the wealth of material in the Department and areas to study, sharing knowledge with others in the breast pathology subspecialty is essential. Professor Tan Puay Hoon, Chair of Pathology ACP and Head of SGH Pathology said, "It is essential to constantly upgrade and learn from others because the field keeps expanding.   We are never quite there, the goalpost is always moving." 

Every year, the Department organises the SGH Breast Pathology Course which serves as a sharing and networking platform for pathologists from locoregional countries and beyond.   Last year’s course attracted 150 pathologists from countries in the region including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, even as far as Hungary and Poland. The course integrated microscopy sessions with lectures in breast pathology and multidisciplinary case discussions. 

With comprehensive pathology services, innovative research, constant sharing of knowledge and support from Pathology ACP, the SGH Campus is ready to be a breast pathology hub for the region.

Registration for the 5th SGH Breast Pathology Course is now open. Visit breast pathology course 2014 for more details.