"I found myself attracted to medicine with its multiple facets, ranging from hard science to social and communication skills, from individual-focused healthcare to systems-based approaches. 

During my time in Duke-NUS, I had the opportunity to join Project DOVE in early 2017 - a student-led initiative to provide healthcare in the form of mobile clinics, health screening programmes, as well as health education to serve rural communities overseas. This experience broadened my perspectives on global health, the importance of sustainability, and gave me a taste of volunteerism and serving the needy. 

I was confident about the quality of education that I could obtain from Duke-NUS, and I am privileged to have met amazing mentors and role models during my stint here. Duke-NUS' students are adult learners who bring a myriad of ideas and knowledge from various industry experiences into the medical profession. This gives the school its unique identity. 

A piece of advice to those who are considering to join the healthcare industry: At heart, healthcare is a service-oriented profession, so expect long hours and a heavy workload. However, the satisfaction of being able to help people in their time of need is priceless." 

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." – Oscar Wilde


Annisa Dewi Utami Rakun
Duke-NUS Alumna (Class of 2018)


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