​I am Mui Ee, a senior principal radiographer from KKH Breast Imaging Unit (BIU). I have worked four decades in radiology. My job is to ensure smooth and efficient operations in BIU, while ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and good patient experience.

Other than serving patients, we also evaluate new equipment to enhance our interventional procedures. After selecting the new technology, we need to go for training to optimise the performance of the equipment. Training our team to handle new machines well is also a satisfying task.

I am a mother of three grown up children. Looking back, my career allowed me to strike a balance for my family and work. Besides enjoying my work and family time, I also enjoy cooking various types of delicious food for my family, relatives and friends. It is indeed a blessing to bless others.

- Ang Mui Ee
Senior Principal Radiographer, Department of Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging, KKH