• AI technology to augment diagnostics for neurological conditions such as brain injury, in acute treatment phase 
  • NNI signs MOU with Iota Medtech Pte Ltd, a Singapore medical technology firm specialising in AI and Robotics 
Singapore, 11 June 2019 – More than 500 patients are affected by brain injury in Singapore every year. Brain injuries are the highest cause of disability and death in adults under 40 years old in Singapore. National Neuroscience Institute signs MOU with Iota Medtech to co-develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) diagnostics and clinical solutions to improve outcomes for patients with neurological conditions such as brain injury. 

Augmenting Brain Injury Acute Treatment with AI

The National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), national specialist centre for neurological conditions and Iota Medtech Pte Ltd (Iota Medtech), a Singapore company specialising in the next-generation AI and surgical robotics are collaborating to develop diagnostics solutions for radiological efficiency and patient outcomes. The partnership will leverage on the clinical and research expertise from NNI, augmented by the engineering, software development, and regulatory affairs support from Iota Medtech. 

Harnessing AI technology, Iota Medtech will develop software solutions addressing unmet needs in neuroradiology. An immediate area of collaboration is the utilisation of an AI algorithm to help pick up and classify abnormalities in brain scans, specifically acute haemorrhages more rapidly. This complements the role of radiologists, by flagging cases that require immediate medical attention amidst the high volume of brain scans. With the time from diagnosis to treatment minimised, treatment can be given more rapidly.  

Associate Professor Ng Wai Hoe, Medical Director, NNI, said, “NNI is looking forward to collaborate with Iota Medtech and advance diagnostics for better therapeutics through AI technology. This partnership presents new diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in the management of conditions such as traumatic brain injury for better neuroscience care.” This partnership brings forth new possibilities for healthcare delivery, such as the potential application of more accurate and rapid diagnosis to initiate faster treatment.  

“With rising numbers in Singapore affected by neurological conditions, we must continue to improve and innovate care.  A main concern for head injuries, currently the leading cause of disability and death for adults under 40 in Singapore, is time reduction in the acute treatment stage. Employing the use of AI technology can save critical time during diagnostics and transform care outcomes for patients,” added A/Prof Ng Wai Hoe.  

Mr. Benjamin Hong, CEO of Iota Medtech Pte Ltd, elaborates, “We are extremely excited to establish this partnership and collaboration with NNI. We believe that this collaboration will result in viable solutions to improve on current methods through the use of cutting-edge AI technology.”

Mr. Hong also added, “By combining our expertise and embracing the burgeoning field of artificial intelligence in the clinical setting, we are also bringing AI solutions beyond Singapore’s shores to the world stage, addressing similar concerns in other regions. We foresee IOTA Medtech advancing the potential of AI solutions for the global healthcare landscape.”