​Mr Michael Wong, aged 57, lives with his elderly mother and younger sister. He suffers from a number of cardiac conditions, and had undergone left ventricular assisted device (LVAD) implantation in 2015 and a heart transplant in 2020 at NHCS. Due to his poor health and the impending procedures and treatment, he had to stop working, and that caused great mental burden on him and his family. 

To help Mr Wong focus on recovery and getting back to good health, the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund provided financial support for his medical bills incurred at NHCS, as well as the purchase of international normalized ratio (INR) blood test device, which is crucial for home monitoring for patients with LVAD and on warfarin.

“I’m grateful to the team in NHCS who took such great care of me during my hospitalisations. Also for Heart To Heart Fund which provided me the support I needed, so I can focus on getting better,” shared Mr Wong. 

Since his transplant surgery in 2020, Mr Wong has gradually regained his stamina and no longer feels breathless easily. He is also able do lightweight training to improve his overall physical fitness. 

Despite the sudden deterioration of his health in 2015, Mr Wong continues to be positive towards life. His family describes him as a happy-go-lucky man, who always places them as his top priority. During his hospital admissions, he also often provided encouragement to other patients, earning him the SingHealth Inspirational Patient Award in 2016. 

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