​In an inspiring gesture of compassion and generosity, Mr and Mrs Nge, a couple in their mid-40s, have decided to make an enduring legacy gift to not only one, but several SingHealth institutions.

Despite being very publicity-shy, the couple nonetheless agreed to share their journey to encourage others. Their remarkable commitment to giving back reflects their altruistic spirit but also their desire to create a lasting and encompassing legacy which will make a difference for generations to come.

Over the last five years, the couple have supported various institutions within SingHealth, the largest public healthcare group in Singapore. Their dedication to philanthropy has touched the lives of countless patients in need and propelled vital medical research forward.

Recognising the transformative potential of their contributions, the pair have gone beyond supporting a single institution and opted to extend their generosity to the National Neuroscience Institute, National Cancer Centre Singapore, National Heart Centre Singapore, and Singapore National Eye Centre. “There are so many organs in the body, so we wanted to cover more than one aspect”, Mr Nge shared.

Legacy gifts are carefully planned donations made to charities, typically through a will or CPF. These gifts can take various forms, including cash, real estate, life insurance payouts, shares, and precious personal items like jewellery. Embracing the concept of legacy giving, Mr and Mrs Nge have incorporated their charitable aspirations into their long-term financial plans. By doing so, the couple is ensuring that their impact on society will transcend their lifetimes.

As Mr Nge reflects, "Life is fragile, and for the time that we have here on earth, we want to do good like helping the needy. We have been supporting various causes here at SingHealth since 2019; giving to patients in need and to medical research."
Agreeing, Mrs Nge added, ‘You can't bring what you have along with you when you depart, why not give those in need?’

Their heartfelt words encapsulate a belief in the importance of making a positive difference now, for the future. By directing their support towards multiple healthcare institutions, they aim to create a profound and meaningful impact on the lives of patients across various medical specialties.


What legacy will you leave?
Most people first think about providing for their loved ones when making a will. It is also a good opportunity to think about ways to make a lasting difference by making a legacy gift to your favourite charities.

Legacy gifts or bequests are only distributed after the donor passes on, making it an ideal way to make an impact on the causes close to your heart. Bequest or legacy gifts can include cash, real estate, life insurance payouts, shares and personal items of value such as jewellery that are bequeathed to a charity of your choice in your will. You can also nominate a charity to receive your Central Provident Fund (CPF) monies, however this can only be done through the CPF Board.

Anyone age 18 years and above can make a will, which can be amended or rewritten should circumstances change.