Population Health is a key strategy in SingHealth’s mission to keep patients and the community healthy. The SingHealth Regional Health System (RHS) extends care beyond our institutions to keep our population healthy with access to right care at the right place by partnering other organisations across health and social care sectors to collaborate and identify population health needs, promote behaviour changes and develop sustainable programmes. 

“The SingHealth RHS focuses on improving population health across the life course – from young to elderly, and prevention to palliation – while addressing both health and social needs of residents in the Eastern region of Singapore.  For example, over the last two years, SingHealth’s telehealth initiative has enabled seniors to consult our polyclinic doctors and Community Nurses in the safety and comfort of their own homes,” shares Professor Lee Chien Earn, Deputy Group CEO (RHS), SingHealth. 

Earlier this year, DBS Bank made a $200,000 gift in support of SingHealth’s population health initiatives, especially for the vulnerable and elderly population. The DBS Population Health Fund will boost teleconsultation services for the elderly through the provision of telehealth kits. Each kit contains a tablet with a data SIM card, which can be used at home for teleconsultation with their community nurses or polyclinic doctors, as well as other home-use medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, glucometer, pulse oximeter and consumables. These devices also enable better day-to-day monitoring and management of chronic conditions.
Telehealth sessions facilitate seamless and better coordinated care for seniors.All parties of the multidisciplinary team can update one another about the elderly patient’s medical conditions so that timely and appropriate interventions can take place. This is especially important for vulnerable seniors, who usually have multiple medical conditions, some of which can be complex. It also provides convenience to the seniors as medication is delivered to their residences after the virtual consultations. 

“We are immensely grateful for DBS’ gift which will allow us to bring telehealth to more seniors in the East, enabling them to keep well and live well in the community. The gift will also allow us to better support the last mile care needs of vulnerable seniors, who may not be able to afford medical devices and consumables that they need to better monitor their chronic conditions. Beyond medical needs, we will take a holistic approach and support seniors’ social care needs as well and the Fund will support provision of transport to medical appointments and training their caregivers to better support the seniors,” said Prof Lee. 

“The new DBS Population Health Fund empowers more ways to deliver precise and timely healthcare to patients through teleconsultations and provide better peace of mind over their health and well-being,” shared Mr Shee Tse Koon, Group Executive and Singapore Country Head, DBS Bank. “This is part of DBS’ longstanding commitment to serve the needs of the community, provide assurance and look out for one another, especially the most vulnerable amongst us.”

The DBS Population Health Fund was made possible through the bank’s generous donation of $200,000.