​SINGAPORE — After the death of her father from lung cancer nine years ago, Caral Goh knew she wanted to help those suffering as well.

The 45-year-old said, "I saw him suffer (throughout the ordeal), and I'm sure he would be happy that I'm doing my part."

Ms Goh's experience as a wellbeing coordinator at Sengkang Community Hospital since last year has given her the opportunity to help many patients after they have been discharged.

She told Yahoo News Singapore, "I help link patients in the community with the right activities that will help them after they have recovered, similar (to developing) an aftercare plan. It's just gratifying and fulfilling to support them."

New dance to promote appreciation for community care staff
The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) had wanted to honour these community-care workers with its first TikTok dance campaign, which was launched in January.

The agency said on Friday (3 February) that it wants people to participate in the dance, in order to show appreciation for staff members who had selflessly and relentlessly cared for the seniors.

The dance campaign, called #Dance2HeartOfCare, took three months to plan. It features a dance choreographed by popular TikTok performer Raymond Lin - better known as Uncle Raymond - who has over a million likes on the social media platform.

Celebrities such as Taufik Batisah and Fauzi Azzhar, as well as influencers and seniors, have also featured in the campaign, with some clips garnering over 400,000 views.

The dance features prominent choreography such as heart-shaped gestures and energetic hand waves, while the song was composed by Singaporean actor and musician Tosh Rock.

Uncle Raymond performed his dance with eight staff members at Sengkang Community Hospital (SCH) on Friday, attracting the attention of about 30 patients, who were watching on excitedly.

Speaking to Yahoo New Singapore, Mr Lin said in Mandarin, "We want to thank the community care workers, but we also want it to be an inclusive campaign, as some seniors lack mobility. That's why I kept the choreography simple."

Encouraging young Singaporeans to join the sector
The dance provides a sense of hope to the community care staff and patients, said Ms Goh, who performed the dance with Uncle Raymond.

She added, "It is already depressing for some (patients), when their body is not well. So when we have something fun and energetic. It brings a good atmosphere to everyone."

According to AIC's chief executive officer Tan Kwang Cheak, the campaign also aims to reach out to young Singaporeans interested in pursuing a career in the sector.

SCH's senior occupational therapist Low Zheng Yi hopes that young people will not shy away to join the field. In her role, Ms Low assists patients who are recovering from an illness and require assistance with basic everyday activities, such as bathing and getting up from bed.

Said the 34-year-old, who has worked in the sector for over a decade: "I have worked in this field since I graduated from Polytechnic. It's my first job, and seeing the difference and improvement in my patients still makes me so happy."