Every October, we mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to educate and encourage women to play an active role in their breast health. It is also a time when organisations and the community come together in solidarity supporting those afflicted with this disease.

The Estée Lauder Companies continued its partnership with the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) to rally support for breast disease research in Pathology, reaffirming their commitment to support those living with breast cancer and inspiring more to step forward to support the fight against the disease.  This year, the beauty conglomerate roped in home-grown retailers to support the cause for its annual Breast Cancer Campaign.

For every public Instagram post in the month of October featuring both hashtags #TimeToEndBreastCancer and #UnitedinHopeSG, The Estée Lauder Companies will donate $5, up to $10,000, to SGH’s Breast Diseases Research. This initiative aims to drive awareness and lead the community to participate in this meaningful movement. The impact of these efforts may be amplified by the government’s dollar-for-dollar match.

For nearly two decades, breast cancer remained as the top killer for women, with six women being diagnosed with breast cancer and one dying from this disease each day in Singapore.  An increase in  breast cancer incidence rate can also be observed throughout the region, with about 40 per cent of global breast cancer patients being in Asia.  Most published studies about breast cancer are conducted on Western patients. There are no existing comparable Asian breast diseases research programmes that undertake the comprehensive study of breast diseases unravelling their genomic and immunological profiles which could provide insights to the relationship between ethnicity and breast cancer.  The SGH Breast Diseases Research Programme focuses on research areas include Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), Breast Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Fibroepithelial Tumours.

“We are encouraged by The Estée Lauder Companies’ strong commitment towards supporting research in Pathology at SGH to diagnose, treat and prognosticate breast diseases” said Professor Tan Puay Hoon, Chairman and Senior Consultant, SGH Division of Pathology and Academic Chair, Pathology Academic Clinical Programme, SingHealth Duke-NUS. “Today, four of our Signature Research Programmes, including research in breast cancer and fibroepithelial lesions, have led to significant healthcare breakthroughs and with committed partners like The Estée Lauder Companies, we are confident that more can be accomplished” she added.

If you are passionate about the fight against breast diseases and would like to support Pathology ACP research programme including breast diseases research, please click here to make a contribution towards its research efforts for tomorrow’s cures.

For more information, please contact SGH Development Office at giftstosgh@sgh.com.sg or call +65 6326 6728 or +65 6326 6378.