In 2021, the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) commemorated 200 years of Medicine in Singapore (MedSG200), in conjunction with Singapore General Hospital’s bicentennial.

The Charity Golf is the MedSG200 signature fundraising event, organised in support of research and education at the SingHealth Duke-NUS AMC. Charity golf tournaments have always been a well-loved way for donors to support the efforts of our Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs). Each ACP brings together specialists in their respective disciplines across different institutions in the AMC to maximise the potential of shared knowledge, expertise and resources to advance research and education that translate into better clinical outcomes for patients.

Previous charity golf events organised by the AMC have successfully raised more than $2 million to support projects that aim to deepen insights into diseases to benefit patients.

The MedSG200 Charity Golf was originally planned for October 2021, but was postponed to January 2022 due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. Nonetheless, the delay failed to dampen the enthusiasm and spirits of the 112 golfers who relished a good game for a great cause.

For the Charity Golf Organising Committee, the game was a much welcomed way to re-engage with like-minded individuals and corporate partners who share the AMC’s mission to define tomorrow’s medicine. Among them were organisations such as Transmedic Pte Ltd and ISS Facility Services Pte Ltd, who have been stalwart supporters of academic medicine.

Expressing his appreciation to the donors, Professor Tan Kok Chai, Chairman of the MedSG200 Charity Golf Organising Committee, said, “We are tremendously thankful for our donors’ support. The funds raised will go a long way in supporting our researchers and educators in their quest for new and better treatments and cures through scientific discoveries while, at the same time, imparting new knowledge to younger generations of healthcare professionals.”

This year’s MedSG200 Charity Golf raised a resounding $783,500. Mr Wong Fong Fui, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Boustead Singapore Ltd, was the top donor with his personal donation of $500,000.

“As a Singaporean, I am very proud of our public health institutions’ excellent quality and performance. The fact that our SGH was ranked eighth out of 1,600 hospitals in 21 countries1 is testimony. However, with our fast ageing population, public health costs are likely to increase exponentially. Where we can, we should contribute towards enabling our public healthcare institutions to take great strides forward so that we can achieve even greater heights of excellence,” shared Mr Wong.

Singapore has one of the world’s most rapidly ageing populations and highest life expectancy. Ageing is characterised by the emergence of geriatric syndromes such as frailty, and co-existence of several, sometimes severe, conditions. This results in mounting pressures on social and healthcare systems and impact the availability of precious resources.

To keep pace with caring for an ageing population and enhance the quality of life for elders, SingHealth works with its partners to meet patients’ increasingly complex healthcare needs and to innovate care models that integrate long-term care and optimise chronic disease management.
In particular, philanthropy plays a uniquely important role in advancing medical care and knowledge. With the help of our philanthropic partners, the AMC is able to broaden the resources available to support new areas of research, education and patient care pursuits.

Mr Wong added, “I hope that my donation to SingHealth can serve as an example for my fellow countrymen, so that more members of our society can come forward to help or contribute in whatever way they can so that we continue to enjoy high standards of public healthcare in Singapore.”



Funds raised through the MedSG200 Charity Golf will enable the clinicians in our AMC across different clinical specialties to accelerate scientific breakthroughs to enable new treatments and cures, as well as impart knowledge and skills to future generations of medical professionals. To find out how you can support the work of our AMC, email