​Every day, moments of healing and comfort happen through the generosity of donors. Such moments, many unnoticed, give hope to patients in difficult times. We are privileged to witness the transformative power of giving.

From transformational donations that raise the bar of excellence in care to heartfelt gifts that support a cause close to one’s heart, every contribution counts. This series celebrates the impact of giving and the stories of our donors whose generosity of heart and spirit inspire us.

A little gift, every day.

“We witness compassion in action every day through the generosity of donors who continue to help the vulnerable in our community access the care and treatments they need,” said Ms Clara Lim, Director of Singapore General Hospital’s (SGH) Development Office.

Clara recalls the story of an endearing and generous, yet mysterious donor, whom she affectionately refers to as ‘Leslie’. In February 2019, Leslie started making anonymous donations of $1 every day, using PayNow, to the SGH Needy Patients Fund. On the rare occasion that a payment was missed, Leslie makes a $2 gift the following day. Leslie’s daily gifts continued throughout the pandemic and in February 2021, this increased to $2 every day.

While Leslie’s daily gifts may seem modest, over the years they have totaled over $1,800; and for patients like Mdm Salbiah, it has made a world of difference!

Mdm Salbiah, 67, suffers from Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease and is required to undergo haemodialysis. She used to work as a logistics executive but was forced to retire due to poor health. She lives with her niece and her family in a three-room HDB flat and is dependent on her monthly CPF payout for subsistence. Her circumstances meant she could not afford to pay for her interim dialysis, but thankfully, the hospital was able to tap on the SGH Needy Patients Fund to help Mdm Salbiah receive her interim dialysis needed.

Each year, the SGH Needy Patients Fund supports about 2,000 patients in need of critical medical care and treatment and who have exhausted all other funding options and subsidies. Many of the patients the fund has supported are elderly and whose household per capita income is below $650 before they secure alternative long-term funding sources from the community.

“I am very thankful for the help given to me when it was difficult for me to get support. I hope that more people in need can continue to benefit from the generosity that I have received from this programme,” shared Mdm Salbiah, with a great sense of relief.

This story is testament to the fact that every dollar makes a difference when it comes to giving.  While Leslie’s identity remains a mystery, his or her pledge of generosity is testament to the fact that no gift is too insignificant. Over the years, Leslie’s gifts are sufficient to fund nearly two months of interim dialysis for a patient in need.

“We are humbled and inspired by donors like Leslie and many others. This daily act of kindness and compassion to help the marginalised among us is truly remarkable. We’re also very grateful for their trust in us and in believing in our mission to heal and to care for those who have entrusted their health to us,” said Clara.


Has Leslie inspired you to help less privileged patients and their families? Scan the QR code to make a gift and bring hope to someone today. Your gift is 250% tax deductible.
Or visit https://sgh.give.asia/needypatientsfund