How do you stay healthy and yet, not forgo your favourite hawker delights?

Venus Yong finds out how from Sandy Lim, GCOO’s Office - one of the top five individual SingHealth winners of the HPB’s National Steps Challenge 2016 (Corporate Challenge).  


​​"Exercise is my way of life and for over 10 years, I have been dancing my way to good health.

I exercise five days a week and look forward to fitness classes at SingHealth Oasis during lunchtime. Even on a busy day, a convenient workout such as climbing the stairs would help me relax the mind, release any tension and regain my energy for the day.

I value my health more than ever after my back operation in 2008. It took about one and half years of therapy sessions for me to regain my original vitality. Still, that has not affected my passion for dancing. I have taken up Zumba and K-Pop dancing, which are vibrant but less strenuous.

My diet is usually light and healthy on weekdays. On weekends, I indulge in food like laksa or char kway teow. My advice is to give in your cravings once in a while but share the food with someone, or just make sure that your next meal is a healthier one!

I first joined the National Step Challenge out of curiosity and to find out how many steps I take with my daily exercise regime. With music and movement, I could easily hit my weekly target of 120,000 steps.

Find an exercise that suits your lifestyle, then set weekly goals and go for it. Every little bit helps and adds up to better health!"





How to sign up for the HPB National Steps Challenge 2017 (Season 3) and get the exercise tracker

New participants* can sign up via:

  • Healthy 365 mobile app
  • Customer Care Centre @ Health Promotion Board
  • Upcoming roadshows - Check out the schedule!

*New participants who have not received the HPB steps trackers before can reserve the steps tracker online, collect at Customer Care Centre @Health Promotion Board or visit their upcoming roadshows.
Do note that in Season 3, it is not mandatory for smartphone participants to use the HPB steps tracker as there are more ways to track your steps with other compatible mobile apps and trackers.

Returning participants can re-register for Season 3 through the following ways:

  • Healthy 365 under Challenges tab
  • Healthy 365 kiosks - Find a Healthy 365 kiosk here.

For more information, please click here or check out