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DARE core concepts

DARE is looking to bring all these components together in a way that allows anyone to step up and help. DARE is a 45-minute awareness training that teaches three core principles. If you see someone collapse and the person is not breathing normally:

  1. Call 995 and stay on the line,
  2. Start chest compressions by pushing hard and fast, and
  3. Get an AED to the victim and apply it as fast as possible.

​Do You DARE to Step Up? 

The beauty of the DARE programme is that it compresses first responder training by using a 12-minute video and guided hands-on practice for the balance of the session. The idea is not to replace traditional CPR/AED certification, but rather to familiarise everyone with what they should do if they witness someone collapse.

Would you DARE to step up? You may be that person whose action means the world to a victim, their family and friends.

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​Do You DARE to Step Up? 

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