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Most of us have eye problems at one time or another.  Minor eye problems are easy to treat while more serious conditions may need the care of a specialist.

Here are some common eye problems and their causes.

Are your eyes itchy or watery?

If you are suffering from prolonged itchiness and watering of the eyes, you could have an allergy to pollen, pet hair, or other allergenic substances in your environment. The condition can be uncomfortable, but does not usually result in significant vision loss even though your eye may feel irritated and tired.

Dry eyes can also be another cause of itching and tearing. Your eye doctor can determine the cause of your eye discomfort and advise treatment.

Do you suffer from eye pain?

Sharp pain in the eye may be caused by foreign bodies, cornea abrasion (break in the surface of the cornea) or even severe dry eye. Severe, dull pain, however, may indicate an acute attack of glaucoma; this is usually associated with vision loss and eye redness. Consult your doctor for an early diagnosis.

Do you see floaters in your field of vision?

Floaters are dark, distinct spots that you may see in your field of vision. Floaters occur when the vitreous (the jelly-like content inside the eye) degenerates due to ageing or myopia. These vitreous debris cast shadows onto the field of vision that are seen as floaters.

Floaters can be an indication of vitreous degeneration, or a more serious problem like diabetic retinopathy, a condition that causes blood vessels in the retina to weaken and burst. The resulting blood that seeps into the eye forms floaters.

Floaters can also be caused by retinal tears or detachment, a serious condition when the retina of the eye detaches from the rest of the layers of the eye.

If you see floaters, see your eye doctor for early diagnosis and treatment.

Are you seeing flashes?

Flashes appear as arcs of light across the field of vision. Sometimes it may occur as flashes of light. Like floaters, flashes are eye symptoms that are commonly associated with vitreous detachment or more seriously, with retinal detachment. If you see flashes, see your eye doctor for early diagnosis and treatment.

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