​"Everyone must play their part in being socially responsible even when exercising during Ramadan. This can be done by:

  • Practising safe distancing wherever you are

  • Not doing handshakes or high fives, and avoiding unnecessary body contact with anyone or any objects

  • Always adhering to appropriate hand and personal hygiene, and 

  • Seeking medical attention if you are unwell,"

This was advised by Dr Fadzil Hamzah, Senior Staff Registrar, Department of Sport and Exercise Medicine at Changi General Hospital (CGH), a member of the SingHealth group.

If I am serving home quarantine, how can I exercise?

If you are well and do not have any symptoms, you do not need to limit your physical activity or exercise intensity while serving a home quarantine.

  • You can still stay physically active and do indoor exercises in the comfort of your home or within the quarantine facility
  • There are many online resources which offer access to virtual classes and events, as well as tips on how to keep yourself active at home
  • You must continue to monitor your temperature twice daily and seek immediate medical attention should you feel unwell

If I am not serving a home quarantine, where should I exercise?

Exercise indoors

  • If you are elderly or have chronic medical problems, do stay at home during the pandemic as you are more vulnerable to infections
  • There should not be mixing between households, so you must not invite family members and friends outside your household to join you, or personal trainers and coaches to physically conduct individual or group exercise programmes at home

Exercise outdoors

  • If you wish to exercise outdoors, please do so on your own
  • Wear a mask if you are not or have stopped doing strenuous exercises
  • Exercise in open and uncrowded areas in your immediate neighbourhood
  • Always observe safe distancing measures and do not gather in groups
  • Return home promptly after exercising

"This Ramadan, let's stay active but be safe," Dr Fadzil says.

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