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Get in shape, get in gear

Do not underestimate the fitness level required for a game of netball. It is a tough sport, whether it is played at an amateur or professional level, and is physically demanding on the body’s muscles, joints and energy systems. The feet, ankles and knees, in particular, can suffer from the impact of jumping and landing during a game. As such, one should get physically prepared to play netball by building up areas like cardiovascular strength, flexibility and stamina.

The right gear can also make a big difference to the game and to avoiding injury. According to Ms Suelyn Chan, Principal Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth​ group​, netball players' shoes are the most important part of their outfit; the shoes should provide the right level of arch support and cushioning for the player's needs. They should also be suited for the surface on which the game is played.

When buying shoes for netball, be sure to check that they support the feet well, have good cushioning to help reduce impact, and have a good tread to assist with the grip on the court. Shoes should also be comfortable and provide good heel support. The right pre- and post-game preparations will significantly reduce the chance of injury, so all the player needs to think about is having fun on the court.

Playing tips

  1. Passing
    1. Hold the ball with your hands in a “W” shape.
    2. With your hands behind the ball, bring it to chest height.
    3. Step forward as you pass smoothly.

  2. Catching
    1. Step forward and reach with your hands to receive the pass.
    2. Spread your fingers, keeping your fingers and hands relaxed.
    3. Bend your arms as you receive the ball to reduce impact.
    4. Bring the ball back to your chest, ready to return the pass.

  3. Shooting
    1. Stand with your feet wide apart for balance.
    2. Bend your knees and elbows and raise the ball to head level.
    3. During the shooting motion, straighten your knees and extend your body upwards.
    4. Straighten your elbows and shoot the ball towards the goal.
    5. Follow through with your hand and wrist.

  4. Landing
    1. Land with your feet apart for good support.
    2. If landing on one leg, bring the other leg down quickly to distribute your weight.
    3. Land with your body upright and your weight equally distributed between both legs.
    4. Cushion your landing by bending your knees, hips and ankles slightly on impact.
    5. Get your balance before releasing the ball to a teammate.
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