What to wear as well as how to warm up and cool down are all important considerations in the race to the finish line

Training for a race or even for a full marathon? Here are your race day tips:

Running in the right attire

  • Try out different clothes, shoes and socks before the actual run to find the most comfortable ones.
  • Synthetic, high-performance wicking materials are best because they help draw perspiration away from the skin, keeping the body cool.

Preventing injuries

  • Prevent abrasions or chafing by applying silicone cream, petroleum jelly or other barrier creams before the run. If necessary, the cream can be reapplied during the run.
  • Prevent straining the calves, hamstrings or thigh muscles by conditioning the body as much as possible. Train frequently and intensively in the months before a run.

Adopting the right running pace

  • Run at a slower pace than during training.
  • Once a comfortable rhythm is reached, maintain it even if it’s a slow jog. Stopping or walking will make it much harder to start running again.

Warming up and cooling down

Mr Trevor Lee, Physiotherapist, Department of Physiotherapy, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group, illustrates ho​w to warm up before the run and cool down after.

Warming Up 

Cooling Down 

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