Oral care for children with neurological conditions


  • A toothette, pictured below (pink/green) or toothbrush or cloth

  • Diluted mouthwash

  • Optional: Toothpaste


  • Use a damp cloth/toothette/toothbrush to brush

    1. Teeth and/or between the lips and gums

    2. Inner cheeks

    3. Tongue surface

  • Ensure that excess water is squeezed out from toothette before oral care  


  • At least twice a day

  • Preferably before and after feeding

See the video below to learn how to use a toothette.


How to promote oral care in children with neurological conditions 

  1. Inform your child before commencing routine

  2. Continue the routine 2-3 times a day even if your child is not oral feeding.

Ref: K21